Small Metex Lab

Having the Metex multimeter at my disposal I decided to use its function to transmit the measured value via RS-232. The starting target was the display of measured values, recognition functions and units of the measured parameter. Ultimately, I developed a firm presentation of the data and in the end result in the program we have such functions as:

  • Measure in two mode – manual and automatic
  • Digital display
  • Analog display (virtual pointer)
  • Draw a graph with the ability to write to a file
  • Writing RAW data to file, including the duration of the measurement or the ordinal number of the measurement

The Program was tested on two multimeters: M3850 and M3660D. For other meters, there may be generate some errors, because there are already differences between the two measured temperature data. The Program can run under Linux and Windows systems.

Small Metex Lab was created using the Qt5 library in the Qt Creator development environment. The QCustomPlot library was used for drawing graphs.

The source of the program can be downloaded from:

You can download Windows versions here.

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