Eagle – Problem with running on Debian 9

Reinstalling the operating system I decided to go back to Debian. Overall, everything on the plus except that the Eagle program did not want to run.

After a manual attempt to start the terminal, a message appeared:

Terminate called after throwing an instance of ' std:: runtime_error '
  What (): Locale:: facet:: _S_create_c_locale name not valid

It turned out that the latest Eagle does not want to work without a set additional locate ation En_US. UTF-8.

To fix this error just execute the following command:


Then append the line at the end of the file:

en_US. UTF-8 UTF-8

Save the file (Ctrl + O) and close the editor (CTRL + X). To complete the entire operation, execute the following command:


After this modification, Eagle should run without problems.

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